November 17, 2016

When you live in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, you’re bound to have a few houseguests from time to time as friends and family want to visit your new home – and have a glimpse of what life is like in paradise. Even when you live in a luxurious home, you can help your guests to feel at home with a few small touches and extra details. Show your guests that you really care about them by going the extra mile.

Tip #1: Only say “yes” to houseguests that you truly care about. Letting distant cousins or fair-weather friends crash your pad is a surefire recipe for stress and houseguest burnout. Be choosy about who you let stay with you, and set a schedule that works for you long before they arrive. By only allowing houseguests that you love, you’ll genuinely be happy to have them – and that will show through during their stay.

Tip #2: Freshen up the guest bedroom and bathroom. Change the sheets and put out new towels, even if they are already clean. Freshly laundered linens have a crispness to them that fades if they’ve been hanging around too long. In the bedroom, fluff the pillows, dust the furniture, and make sure that the lamps and fans still work.

Tip #3: Set out a welcome gift on the bed. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy – it’s the thought that counts. A box of chocolates is always appreciated, or you can create a Fort Lauderdale gift basket with sunblock, flip flops, and a city map.

Tip #4: Fill a carafe with cold water for the guest bedroom, and make sure that there are clean glasses that your guests can use as well. Everyone is thirsty after a voyage.

Tip #5: Stock your kitchen with easy-to-find snacks, drinks, and grab-and-go items. Check beforehand to see if your guests prefer wine, beer, or some other beverage, and chill everything down in the fridge. A bottle of Champagne is always a festive way to celebrate the beginning of a visit.

Tip #6: Consider your guests’ comfort when it comes to climate. Do you like to keep your home nice and chilly, at 68 degrees no matter what? Be sure to set out a cozy blanket and/or fluffy bathrobe for your cold-natured guests to use. Do you prefer your home on the warmer side or eschew air conditioning? Have ample fans available.

Tip #7: Make space. Check the closet in your guest bedroom and see if there is enough space for your guests to hang their jackets and other clothes. Create room if there is not enough. You may also want to clear out a dresser drawer or shelf space for their convenience.

Tip #8: Live in a gorgeous luxury home with stunning views, impeccable amenities, and a perfect location on the waterfront. Show your guests just how great life can be when you live at 321. Would you like to know more? Please contact SobelCo today.

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