November 17, 2016

Are you a typical Baby Boomer when it comes to buying a home? With potent purchasing power, unique preferences, and 77 million members, the Baby Boomer generation is being listened to by builders, designers, and decorators.

If you were born between the years of 1946 and 1964, you’re officially a baby boomer. Whether you are upgrading to your dream home or just looking for a change of environment, you’ll find many of the hot commodities desired by your generation at 321 at Water’s Edge.

Two new studies have revealed the purchasing preferences of the Boomer generation, using focus groups of current and recent homebuyers. Here’s a summary of what they found.

Location, Location, Location

More than half of the respondents consider the location of the home the most important factor that influences the purchasing decision. Residents want homes that are near shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and medical services. Top priorities when it comes to deciding on a home for Baby Boomers includes:

  • 2% – Area/Location
  • 4% – Price/Affordability
  • 0% – Layout
  • 2% – Size of Yard
  • 8% – Home Design
  • 0% – Size of Home
  • 0% – Quality of Construction
  • 4% – Safety of Neighborhood
  • 2% – Floor Plans
  • 1% – Architecture

Community Amenities

When considering a home in a new community, first impressions and feeling welcome are important attributes for Baby Boomers. So are amenities, including swimming pools and social spaces for lounging. 64.6% of respondents feel a planned community with amenities is important, and 18.1% feel that it is very important.

Kitchens, Great Rooms, & Master Suites

Like most buyers of every age, the kitchen is the most important room in the home for 82.8% of Baby Boomers. Coming in at second place is the master bedroom (59.2%) and in third place, the great room (36%). Other important features that 55+ homebuyers are looking for include:

  • Open design
  • Integrated indoor and outdoor space
  • High ceilings
  • Plenty of natural light
  • Large common spaces
  • Sustainable materials
  • Energy efficient technology
  • Storage space

The Myth of Downsizing

Many people assume that Baby Boomers are empty-nesters who want to downsize their homes, but in reality only 18.1% want a house that is under 2,000 square feet. Most respondents (48.6%) want a home that is between 2,000 and 2,999 square feet, and 20.8% want a home that is between 3,000 and 3,999 square feet!

Are you, like many Baby Boomers, looking for a new home and a fresh take on life? The spectacular homes at 321 at Water’s Edge feature everything you’re looking for: excellent waterfront location, amazing amenities, and plenty of square feet for stretching out. Every home features a stunning kitchen, inviting open design, glorious master bedrooms, and so much more.

Don’t wait – discover your new home at 321 at Water’s Edge today. Please contact the experts at SobelCo for more information, and celebrate your success with a new home in Fort Lauderdale.



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